Saturday, September 3, 2011

After today, my last blog without a video behind it.

Any of you ever had an event that just humbled the hell out of you?

This did it today.

I took a double bagel from a guy that had the exact same skills as I did. Flat out sucked up the joint. I didn't belong on the court.

I will continue this blog, no question about it. I am not a quitter. But this time it will be different.

The past is the past. I had a great childhood, and I had a great time talking about how I learned this game by myself, and how I played with nothing but hustle. But, as I just said, the past is the past.

No more stories, no more past accomplishments. They mean nothing now. I just went up a division and got whacked. I now have three straight sets with exactly ZERO games. That's never happened to me before, and it never will again.

My first video comes tonight. I will take the beatdown of a lifetime here, but I promised this to you guys, and it's on video. For the snide remark people? I expect that, and I probably deserve it thinking it'd be easy to go up a division. But for anyone that wants to critique, I would appreciate it.

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