Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some updates

Hey folks, been a few days since I have written, other than the board. Keeping myself busy.

Here's a few updates.

In the middle of all the tennis, I have also been moving to another house. It's been a grind, but it keeps me busy. One good thing is that I have a couple new roommates, and one of them is a friend of mine that is training hard for his own venture, so now I have a training partner. Even better, he's not training for a lot of bulk, so our programs will be about the same. I'm motivated on my own, but he's REALLY motivated, so this will only help me.

As I reported on the board, I am going to start doing video blogs on my progress. It'll be training and technique, but I'll also do updates from my tournaments when it's feasible.

Today, I meet with a producer about shooting the pilot for this show. I'm hoping I can generate a little bite from someone, but if not, it's going online. That's not an insult like it used to be because internet is becoming the new television anyway. Wish me well.

Yesterday, I really got a reality check in how much work I'll have to do, even when I do win. I played this one high school player named Sam, who isn't really a college potential player(other than if he decided to walk on), but he has a nice game. Beautiful beautiful groundstrokes, and he really covers the court well(the kid really hustles, and is a really hard worker). He took an immediate 2-0 lead with a combination of impressive play, and my slow start. I calmed down and ended up taking 6 of the next 7 games to win 6-3, which was because of my calming down and playing my game, and his frustrations overwhelming him.

One thing I did notice though was that I have some really bad habits that I never noticed before, and they came out in those two games. I have already admitted that I've always had bad habits on my volleys, but comparing all my strokes to this kid's showed that it was more than just the volleys. On my first backhand attempt, I completely framed it, and noticed that my elbow was pointing in a severe 45 degree angle. When I framed a forehand attempt earlier, I noticed that I was doing a half swing at times. On both instances, I probably never noticed that too often because I'm that guy who always gets the ball over the net, and I set up my opponents well. This time, I really noticed after being down 2-0 immediately, and watching this kid hit such a beautiful ball.

The forehand I can easily remedy, but I decided that I'm making a switch to a two handed backhand instead of the one hander I've had for so long. In the past 18 months, I've noticed that I RARELY get a backhand winner unless it's a volley, and all my winners are on the forehand side. I want to start getting winners on all sides, so I'm going to see if I can generate more power and control with a two hander. It won't be an easy transition because I've been a one hander since I started(and that I've only used two hands in "desperate" situations when someone hits it into my body, and I have to force a shot), but I think it's going to help my game big time.

I'm back on the court today. Playing a guy named Eric, who was a good high school basketball player and decided to get into tennis a couple years ago. I've already beaten him 1 and 2 before, but he's a sick sick athlete, and you cannot get anything past him. This'll probably be a better match today. Eventually, I'm calling Christoph Vogt back for a rematch(the guy that wiped me out in the tournament). I know(and he knows) that it wasn't an 0 and 1 match, and we're set to have a classic this time.

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