Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shooting a trailer soon, and other tidbits

Well, it's official. I shoot the trailer for "One Chance" in a couple of days. The idea is to go online, worst case scenario, but we want to try to get this on TV first. That part might be a longshot at first, but you never know.

Anyway, there are other things to talk about.

I had a great trip to Destin, but was very very very disappointed that I didn't get any tennis time in whatsoever. I walked to the courts at Bayside and Tivoli a couple of times, and little to anyone was there(and I can't blame them, the heat was horrendous), and the one time I was invited to participate in drills, it unfortunately didn't work out. One thing did come out of it though.

I completely changed my diet on the trip.

Usually, I'm a very healthy eater, but will splurge on vacation. Not this time. Instead of burgers and fries on vacation, I consumed fish and veggies all trip, along with a boatload of bananas, and a lot of water. Because of that, I didn't wake up with a twinge in my back that I have to stretch every single morning. Diet does make a difference. Anyway, I get back into town and go to my local Whole Foods. I'm laying off the red meat, bought a lot of fish and chicken, and upped my protein intake. Plus working at a health food and smoothie place helps, as I have been able to take my wheat grass daily, along with a new juicing routine.

One great thing about a new place I moved into is that it has a built in pull up bar from the previous owner, so I've been doing pull-ups like crazy right now. I also weighed the other day, and I'm at 201 again after dropping to 182 from my food poisoning. 210 is my optimal weight for my height, so I'll continue what I'm doing. I've also gotten myself up to 2.5 miles a day running, so it's all starting to work.

The Kennworth tournament I'm in starts this Friday, but my draw will probably be Saturday morning. We're shooting the trailer from there, so I'll probably do some video blogs from the location. I'll know who my opponent is tonight, so that works.

Again, thank you to everyone for reading, whether you believe in this crazy thing or not. We're all entitled to our opinions, but there haven't been any overly mean folks on here, and most of you have just given your opinion. I appreciate it, and all your tips, very much.

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