Thursday, August 11, 2011

Draws are out

Going into my second tournament, the Kennworth NTRP SummerSlam, I feel MUCH better than the last time. A diet change and a change to my routine helps also.

Found out that I got a bye in my first match, which is cool. Unlike last time, I have no idea who my opponent is this in the next match, other than his name is Angelo Zen. In a way, knowing my last opponent was a help, and a detriment at the same time. I knew Christoph Vogt well, and knew his strengths and weaknesses, but it might be better to not know my opponent this time. I won't over-think things.

I added a new thing to my diet this week...spinach. Met a customer at work(75 year old man who looks 55), who told me spinach is like a natural medicine. I put it in a couple of juices for the last couple of days, and it really works wonders. I don't feel the least bit congested anymore, and my body has more spring in its step. I'll get my workout in later, and I can't wait. Got new running shoes, and I want to see if I can push myself up to 3 miles today.

Later, I'm going to a couple tennis academies in Atlanta to gauge their interest in this project. So far, I have a new trainer(Christoph Vogt), and a producer(Anthony Nixon). What I need next is to find a tennis academy, and then find sponsors and a network. It's a process, but at least I have a couple pieces of the puzzle.

As I mentioned, we start shooting the trailer for "One Chance" this Saturday at 8 AM, an hour before the match, and I'll also start the video blog then too.

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