Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why am I doing this?

Seriously? Why am I doing this?

I get this all the time, and in everything I do. This question is nothing new. I pull some of the craziest stunts alive(not necessarily like Shawn White, but more psychological stunts). I've heard that question over and over.

I mean I'm already an actor(struggling, but who isn't, right?), directed a couple of films, produced or helped produce five films, and done five theatre productions. I've also had a failed attempt at radio about ten years ago, and that lasted two weeks. Besides that, I've also fought in two MMA fights(Lost both), got to have drinks with Ben Stein once, done a Tennessee to New York and back cross country trip for the hell of it, and obtained a black belt in Taekwondo. From all those stories, it's obvious that I've achieved at some stunts, and failed miserably at others.

So why am I trying yet another one like this? At 33 years old(In August).

Because I don't know any other way. My DNA is hardwired to take chances like this. I don't know where this came from. When I was a kid, I was an absolute wimp. If my Dad didn't drive long distance trips, I'd either refuse to go, or I'd throw up if Mom drove. I'd barely ride my bike to the mailbox. We lived in a ton of wooded areas, and I didn't go in the woods very often at all. I'm just wondering where my balls to the wall approach came from.

Ok, time to let the cat out of the bag.

For eighteen years now, I've played tennis. Learned how to bang away against our garage door at 12 years old, pretending to be Boris Becker(and later, Pete Sampras). At 15, I played seriously for the first time. Even made the tennis team in high school. I sucked at singles, found out I was a good doubles player, and was placed in the doubles draw. Didn't lose again the rest of the year and moved to 12th and the final draw for the team's rival match. After that, I never played on the team again, but I've played every year since.

The last 18 months though, I've really thrown myself into my game. Before, I was the epitome of a pusher, only I was even more annoying because I had unreal stamina on the court and could play all day long. Didn't have much of a serve...or a forehand...or a backhand. I was basically that guy who ran everything down with the grace of a dump truck. Whether I was going to beat you, or you were going to kick my ass, you were going to hate playing me because I was the ugliest player in the history of the game. Still won a good share of matches though, and can't fault me for that.

Then I started playing leagues here in Atlanta, GA, and I found out how much they take their tennis seriously. I then started taking it REALLY taking it seriously. I used to watch a lot of tennis on youtube, and now I analyze every shot(Watching John McEnroe's a blast for that). I bought a wooden racket to warm up with because I remembered how baseball hitters have a weighted donut around their bat for extra weight, and it makes the bat lighter when they get rid of it. I just bought a wood racket and started warming up with it. Didn't lose another match for two months(until I had to play with it for my final three matches. It's interesting playing with a woody vs a brand new Babolat).

So now, as usual, I am upping the ante again. I am 33 years old in August, no doubt about it, but I am in FAR better shape, and can do things I couldn't do at 16 or 17, so I'm going headfirst into this one.

I'm going to find a crew of producers, then find trainers and an academy, and create a reality show called "One Chance"(Wherever it is shown, I do not know, but at least the internet's getting strong if nothing else happens). It has to do with me getting real trainers, real instructors, and real players, and upping my game to levels no one could think. How far? I don't know. I have no ceiling, so I could really go far with this concept, or fail like the MMA thing did. I won't know till I try.

In the meantime, while I get everything together, I'll write about everything tennis. Everything from some old stories from the battles over the years, to current tennis on the tour. What can I say? I love to write.

Enjoy the ride, folks. This is going to be a blast.

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