Thursday, July 28, 2011

One big advantage(Hopefully).

I've always had this concern, primarily because I've played three players in my time that have had to retire early because of this.

I'm talking about shoulder injuries.

In tennis, they are devastating for obvious reasons. You lose the power of your serve in some cases, you are relegated to the Michael Chang underhand serve at the French), and you lose all your snap on your groundstrokes. It's one thing if you are a pusher that waits for the others' mistakes(guilty as charge for 16 years of my playing life), but if you are a serious player, this'll screw up your game.

I thought about this too, so I started one more unconventional warm-up(Besides hitting with a wood racket).

I decided to start hitting with both hands.

Yes, it does mean that I don't hit as many backhands in warm-ups, but it also keeps my hand-eye coordination on the up and up. Being able to hit pretty well with my left hand, as well as my right, gives me the confidence that, should I blow my shoulder, that I can stay in a league or tournament match.

Admittedly, I've never played a match left handed. If I can find someone at around my level or a little lower, I might try the experiment for a couple of games and see if I like doing that. One good thing is that I'll actually have a kick serve on the left hand side because it's impossible to hit a flat serve on my left side right now(Arm's not used to the motion, I guess).

Things are going to start changing, but right now I enjoy all this experimenting. Makes me feel like I can continue to have a distinct advantage over my opponents. That's all I can ask for right now.

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