Saturday, July 23, 2011

My first USTA tournament - Georgia State adult championships.

Usually, losing 6-0 6-1 in your first tournament wouldn't be a cause for seeing the highlights.

But there's a lot to look forward to here.

I played Christoph Vogt, a guy who is one level ahead of me, and is a physical freak(45 year old guy playing in the 30s level). Considering I wouldn't wear him out, I knew I'd have my hands full.

Take this for what it's worth. I lost, so that's in the record books. He did beat me too. This is a damned good tennis player.

Short and sweet, I've been sick all week(food poisoning), and didn't get to train at all. Saturday comes and I feel better, so I go out there. I noticed in our warmups that I was hitting well against a superior opponent. I thought I'd have a chance.

Yeah, I felt it for sure, but I was going to run him around too.

He wins the first game, but we have a marathon second game(lasted 21 minutes) before he took that one. So after 25 minutes of the match, it's 2-0. Throughout the match, I was at 40-15 or better 8 times, and at advantage 4 others, and I couldn't finish him off till the 11th game. No strength left. After Game 1, my heart was racing at 600 mph. Never been that worn out before.

But I finished the match, and I'm very proud. The guy on the court next to us had the same bug I did and had to retire, so I was happy to finish. My one game was a proud moment. Beautiful passing shot off an impossible drop shot.

I got two things accomplished today.

#1. I matched shot for shot against a superior player, and found out I really can play with most anyone.

#2. I'd heard that to get to a higher level, I need to get in even better shape than I am now. I just asked Christoph to be my trainer. He's going to be a part of my team now with this show. We earned each other's respect today.

Yup, got my ass kicked today. Oh well. I'll be back, and will get better and better.

Lots to look forward to, that's for sure.

Next up...the Kennworth NTRP Summer Slam in August.

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